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Welcome to Limbo Custom Boats

Designing and building quality fiberglass boats since 1978
Northwest Florida, USA

Introducing the hand-made, custom built Limbo 30.
A boat built one at a time with manufacturing pride.

  • How has Limbo achieved three decades of successful design and manufacturing?
    • The answer is obvious, hard work and dedication to building a better boat.
  • Why should you buy a Limbo Custom 30?
    • Here are just a few reasons that might convince you. A new modified deep V hull that has proved to run very fuel efficient and push with a single engine, however, twin engines are available (outboard or stern drive)

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This boat has multiple uses, such as a private, pleasure, fishing boat. Or adapt it to some forms of commercial use such as; parasail vessel, 6 pac dive boat, excursions, or cruises. A big 30 foot Seaworthy vessel, when you take your first ride on this boat you will be very happily surprised.

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The Limbo Custom 30
Available now on a limited basis

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Full Service Repair

The Limbo Company also offers complete fiberglass repair. If you have damaged your boat or your boat is in need of repair, we are the people with Experience to get the job done. No job too big or too small.

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"Thank you for your interest in the boats I have built my life around." ~ Fayne Limbo

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